Who are the Executive Technology Board members?

The Executive Tech Board Membership is meant for, and benefits, forward leaning technology executives at large global corporations that are seeking to network, lean-in on emerging topics, and leverage the experience of other members. Members are Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Transformation Officers at F500/large global corporations - and we have some 100 members currently across Europe and America from the Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Technology, and the Media and Entertainment industries.

What are the member obligations?

The ETB functions as a private, peer-network industry-forum dedicated to learning and sharing experiences in a trusted environment. The obligation of members is to each other – to provide inputs into and to help cull out the collective intelligence in digital transformation across their enterprises. Membership is by named invitation only, and there is no membership fee.  Participation in two meetings a year is encouraged for content continuity and creating a trusted network. There is no term limit and no other conditions for membership.

What are the rules of engagement?

All discussions follow Chatham House rules – attendees can use the insights they gain from the discussions without attributing any comment to a person or organization.  In addition, the Executive Technology Board fosters the exchange of learnings and best practices but not information that can be viewed as anticompetitive or violative of antitrust laws.  The design allows for granular and practical discussions amongst members while protecting and securing information across their enterprises.

What is a typical agenda for an Executive Technology Board meeting?

Agendas for the meetings are co-created with participating members and meetings generally have three topics each, with a bias towards discovering new approaches, and learning and sharing practical frameworks. In order to facilitate more meaningful interactions across some 80 members, the meetings are in cohorts of a dozen (other than the annual meeting in Seattle in September, where the group is broader). Participating members pair up in small groups ahead of the meeting to lead the conversations and the focus in on granular and transportable learnings. As an example, the November 2023 meeting in Amsterdam was focused around the following three topics – Learnings in the pilot to production journey in Generative AI; Practical roadmaps in extracting value from Data: and Balancing flexibility with leverage in Enterprise Architecture in the context of the current geopolitics.

Who hosts the Executive Technology Board meetings?

The Executive Technology Board is not a commercial enterprise. Meetings are hosted by a participating member at their corporate offices, and Genpact hosts the dinners. Members arrange their own travel and accommodation.  No sales, press, industry analyst or shareholder group representatives are ever part of any meetings. Meetings rotate across different cities – the last four meetings were hosted by Heineken in Amsterdam, BECU in Seattle, NBA in New York, and GE Vernova in Atlanta.

Can I attend parts of the meeting?

No. The quarterly board meetings are meant as discussions not presentations. Members participate not just as listeners but also speakers – it's the conversation that brings out the best insights and approaches. Although there may be one or two guest speakers in the day that bring in external perspectives, all the information and insights come from within the member group. As a courtesy to other members and in order to ensure the meetings are productive, if calendars partially get in the way of a specific meeting, we recommend skipping that meeting altogether and joining the next one.

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