Executive Technology Board

Executive Technology Board

The Executive Technology Board is a non-commercial think tank of C-level technology leaders from global corporations. The board culls out collective intelligence across the combined aspects of people, process, data, technology and AI in driving business outcomes in some of the largest enterprises across industry verticals.

The board creates a confidential space for peer-group executives to explore emerging trends, and collaboratively share and discuss innovative best practices and practical roadmaps for digital transformation. In a world where there are no operating manuals or practical rulebooks for digital transformation - and we all otherwise learn through experimenting, piloting, incubating individually - the collective intelligence of a curated group of peers often serves as our best north star.

Executive Technology Board members meet in-person, and virtually. In-person meetings dive deep into three co-created agenda topics and the format is always an interactive conversation with emphasis on learnings that can be transported across enterprises. Virtual meetings - including the Insight series bringing an outside-in primer on emerging technologies, and the Innovation series bringing in curated start-ups in a structured format – provide a rich discussion as a backdrop that participating members use to learn from each other’s perspectives.

The Executive Tech Board Membership is meant for, and benefits, forward leading technology executives who are looking to network, lean-in on emerging topics, and leverage the experience of other CIOs, CDOs, and CTOs from roughly 100 F500/F1K corporations across the world.

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